Website lets customers say what they really think

(Published in Fredericton Homes magazine, Fall 2011)

A Fredericton contractor is using technology to enable his customers to let him – and the world – know what they really think of his company.

In what may sound like a dangerous proposition for some companies, CertaPro Painters on Main Street has created a section on its website where customers can post real-time testimonials about their customer service experience and the quality of work completed.

“We understand that when people are choosing a company for home renovation work, trust is an important factor,” said Andrew Hoyt, president of CertaPro Painters Fredericton. “By giving our potential customers the opportunity to read reviews of our work posted in real time, they can rest assured they will be dealing with professionals who deliver on high standards of customer service.”

Customer feedback has been an integral part of the CertaPro’s operations since the Fredericton location opened in 1992. When a painting crew finishes a job, the last step in the CertaPro 5-Step Process for interior or exterior painting involves the customer inspecting the work and completing a feedback card asking about the quality of the work and the level of service.

By making customer feedback part of their painting process over the years and learning from customer comments, CertaPro Fredericton has been able to maintain a 99% customer satisfaction level.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that almost every testimonial customers post on CertaPro’s website rates the company at a perfect five out of five.

But skilled painters are perfectionists and Andrew Hoyt is no different.

“We’re always learning from our customers and trying to improve,” he said. “We encourage their feedback and we’re always grateful to receive it. I think that’s why people know they can trust us.”

To view CertaPro’s real-time testimonials, go to and click on the “Customer Reviews” tab.

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